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This site is primarily aimed at dutch train information, and aimed at enthusiasts. The real time data is procured through NDOV, iRail (België) and the NS API. It should not be your primary trip planner, but be mostly a side references. No rights may be derived from it, you use it at your own peril.

English translation

The english translation you are now seeing is a first attempt to make the site available to a non-dutch speaking audience. I am not an native english speaker, so please forgive me any mistakes. Especially railway related idiom may be wrong, so please let me know if I am not using the right terminology. I know there are still a few pages not translated yet, I hope to fix that very soon. Thanks for bearing with me ;)


Train illustrations are made in part by NS, in part by Arthur's Treinenpagina, Wiek Vlasma en Arman Yildiz, for which many thanks!

Questions, bugs, requests, or bad translations?

I would be happy to hear from you at info@treinposities.nl or through Social Media:

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